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When she would see monsters each time she looked at herself in the mirror, she would call this her “scary anxiety.” It sounds pretty scary all right. Homeopathy helped her. Read on.

A young woman in her mid-30s came to the clinic because of “social anxiety” that started when she was 13. She doesn’t remember when exactly it started, but she did talk about being a victim of sexual abuse when she was a kid.

It escalated into “scary anxiety” at 19 with when she started seeing visions of monsters each time she looked in the mirror

She had been managing her condition with Cipralex for the past 3 years and Wellbutrin for 2 but didn’t want to have to rely on meds.

She worked as a nanny for celebrities shooting movies in the city and as a teacher’s aide at a special needs school and loves this job. She says she has a sister and is very close to her. She talks to her numerous times a day on the phone or video chat. She recently moved into a smaller apartment and consistently mentions how it’s “smaller, not up to my standards, but it’ll do.”

As a homeopath, our job is to listen and observe. More often than not, patients will express to you in the first 10 minutes of a session what the real issue is, what needs to be cured and will point you towards a kingdom, remedy family, or even the remedy itself.

What came out at the beginning of the session? “I love the simplicity of the kids [special needs kids]. They acknowledge and accept you for who you are without judgment”. About her sister and the frequent contact? “She’s the only one I can connect with.”

A focus on her sense-of-self vis à vis others was coming out. But what was her unique experience of her sense of self?

  • I feel empty inside – nobody knows, nobody cares about you. Like I don’t exist, I’m nothing – not like I was dead, but like I never existed. I feel like I’m someone else when In a group I fade out, I disappear.
  • I want to be my own person. I look down on my life like I am someone else. When I look in the mirror I look at and face myself I get weird thoughts and see monsters
  • Getting dressed up is an issue, makes me nervous
  • I’m not easy to approach – I come off strong. I don’t want to seem “easy” to men. I don’t flirt with men, I want them to notice me and then come to me.
  • I am better one on one. I am getting attention, we are equal
  • I hated working as a nanny for [a celebrity] because it was as if they were better than me because they have money, and are famous
  • The special kids don’t make you feel bad – they don’t have a notion of being better than others.
  • I worry I’ll be judged and will be left alone
  • I’m not good looking; no one approaches me
  • I am not smart, not intelligent and I don’t have money.
  • Everyone irritates me!

A picture emerges here where she is not able to recognize herself, yet wants others to recognize, and appreciate her. The conflict being around her ability to see an recognize herself. For her, this conflict was manifesting in visions.

When I look in the mirror, I look at and face myself, I get weird thoughts and see monsters

Palladium was prescribed using the following pointers:

  • Worse in social functions
  • Irritability, easily offended, feeling ignored or insulted, longing for the good opinion of others, wants to be the center of interest, desire for company, Keeps up brightly in company; exhausted afterward. Easy prey to slights, real or imaginary.
  • Feels as if being neglected, she is not appreciated; she has neglected her duty and is insulted;
  • A sensation of emptiness; as if whole body is hollow
  • Ailments from being abused in children
  • Sees visions of monsters

The results?

I take my meds 1-2 times a week, I feel I don’t need them”; her premenstrual anxiety has gone away. Her “scary anxiety” has gone away completely, “it’s been a couple of months”. Energy has improved “a lot”, has taken an interest in running and has “impressed herself as she now runs 20km”. She says she is now OK and accepting of the fact that she has downsized her apartment and is enjoying living on her own. Her sense of irritation/agitation is still present but has diminished in intensity – ”boyfriend is still irritating, people on the bus are still a bit irritating”. Her feelings about being judged and being accepted have improved – “I feel happier, healthier, more confident”; she is dating more, not taking things as personally as she did before and she is “not as nervous” about getting dressed to go out. The patient expresses still a “need for connection/bond” with people other than her sister and is making efforts to be more social.

I provided her with another dose of Palladium to keep at home when she sensed the scary anxiety was coming back.

I got an update many months later.

I am feeling pretty good overall! I am rarely taking my meds, and when I am feeling a little woozy, I just take a drop of the remedy that you gave me. So thank you again for all your help, and I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner!

So yes, Homeopathy can get rid of the monsters!

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